Alternative Dispute Resolution

The uncertainty and cost of litigation, combined with court backlogs in California, make alternative dispute resolution an increasingly attractive option to many litigants. At The Donovan Offices, our Los Angeles-based attorneys believe strongly in the effectiveness of arbitration and mediation, and are actively involved in providing these services.

James Donovan is a certified NASD Arbitration Chairman, as well as an arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Attorney-Client Dispute Resolution Service. Mark Maisonneuve is a trained mediation/arbitration officer as well. Furthermore, Michael Glenn is a Los Angeles County Superior Court Temporary Judge. In each of these roles, our lawyers have gained substantial experience helping parties to a dispute resolve their differences.

This experience is also meaningful when it comes to representing our own clients. We understand both the benefits of alternative dispute resolution, and how to advance our clients' interests within these forums.

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