Industries We Serve

The Donovan Offices, in Los Angeles, has a more than 40-year history of providing litigation, transactions, litigation management and capital advisement services to the following industries:

  • Entertainment, sports, media and telecom
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Hospitality (including hotels, restaurants, food and beverage companies)
  • Real estate (development and brokerage)
  • Human resources and payroll services
  • Agriculture (farming, sales and packing)
  • Employee leasing
  • Retail
  • Licensing
  • Live theater productions
  • Oil and gas exploration and production (foreign and domestic)

Our lawyers and consultants have assisted businesses, corporations, investors and individuals throughout Southern California, the United States and the world. To learn more about what our team can do for you, contact us online or by calling 213-785-6816.