Litigation Management

All too often, corporate counsel and trustees are forced to confront litigation costs that are not proportional to what is at stake. At The Donovan Offices, we excel at providing needed litigation management resources to in-house counsel, referring attorneys and business general counsel.

Our firm is regularly engaged to develop and implement a suitable litigation management plan. With this plan in place, our next steps are to work closely with counsel of record to assure the case is litigated in a manner consistent with the client's objectives and resources. If alternative dispute resolution is a viable means of resolving the dispute, our lawyers will advise as to its likelihood of success.

With a legacy of accomplishment in litigation, in-house counsel and other attorneys know they can depend on our ability to tailor our services to their needs and those of their clients. We add value by freeing our clients from having to provide day-to-day oversight of a matter, while creating strategies that give our clients the best opportunity to accomplish their goals.

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